Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Solution of the day.  No, there won't be a mundane short update every day!  At the moment I'm trying to document my attempts at better posture for Cameron in Ranger so that we can USE it heaps :)

As you can see he is not sitting 100% straight, but I never expected that.  What you CAN see is him in Ranger, at the end of our trip to The Warehouse with his head upright and his body in a relatively comfortable position!  A couple of times on the journey he dropped his head but I can reach through the gap at the side under the sun hood and quickly correct his head.  The test will be how he goes when he is asleep but so far we are much better.  What I have done is put a pram pillow under the board at the bottom so that rather than follow the contour of the buggy seat, it is sitting flat(higher than it was at the back) so it has tilted his pelvis forward.  I put his grey carseat insert in upside down so he has more support further up his sides rather than in his legs, and I lowered the head pillow ever so slightly so it is at his neck and not his ears.  It's all very "bitsy" but if it proves to be effective, I think it will be easier for someone to make us a proper insert.

You can see here he is sitting at a "socially acceptable angle" - that is one that won't attract comments from concerned people walking past.  Of course this buggy seating is not at a "physio therapist acceptable level" but again, it never will be.  But his neck isn't dragging along behind him, he is pretty happy and he is out of the sun(and soon to be rain).  The exposure he has been receiving to the sun was unacceptable to me.  Yes, he'll still get hot in this buggy, but he won't be in direct sunlight which I believe is wrong.  Especially for him who can't tell me how he is feeling.  Hopefully we can also correct some of his body posture when he gets his new CharleyWrap - that will be another major development, in the right direction!

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