Friday, February 4, 2011

Ranger goes to school

Well we're really enjoying the Ranger.  Took it to school yesterday and Cameron got nice and comfortable and fell asleep in it.  Kept his head up too!  Way to go my boy.  I am really enjoying using a sturdy Mountain Buggy, it feels good and looks pretty good as well! 

EXCITING STUFF!  True Colours are going to be the recipients of Buggies For Good with my Swift!!  True Colours help us a lot with Cameron and all things disability related.  I approached MB and asked if they would consider donating to True Colours so that a family or two with a sick child could use a Mountain Buggy.  It's all happening very soon and I am so excited, and well pleased to be a part of something so darn cool!!  MB will refurbish and fully service my Swift, and then courier it to True Colours here in Hamilton - who will then decide on a family who they think will really love and appreciate a buggy.  When you have a sick child, it's not always possible to work, in which case finances become tight and often you just get by and feed the family.  A new set of wheels will enable some families to get out and about more, easier access to hospital appointments and much needed fresh air and time out.  The good thing about Mountain Buggy for this job is that they can take a bigger and heavier child, and extra goodies that some parents have no choice but to carry around.

This blog isn't quite turning out to be as deep and meaningful as I would have hoped - yet.  I'll just blame it on having so much else to think about.  Cameron is starting daycare very soon.  I wanted him to go to daycare so I could start to study nursing.  I can't do that at the moment because he needs a lot of time to ease into daycare, and he is only funded an ESW for two days a week, which is no where near enough to do full time study.  Don't want to do part time because you only have 5 years to start and finish nursing.  Plus, Cameron's respite care place said that he won't handle five days in care.  I have deep reservations on if he's even going to handle two days.  We. Will. See.  It would be nice though, if some things were normal.  If it were a case of simply dropping him off.

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